Founded in 1941, Arthur J. Schmitt created his foundation to discover and nurture the intellectural, spiritual and leadership potential in young people. Himself, a high school drop-out but self-made millionaire, Arthur never stopped working to improve the world. Fueled by his insatiable curiousity, intelligence and compassionate heart, the legacy of his foundation honors his commitment to youth leadership by nurturing programming dedicated to those willing to lean in, learn more and embrace the possibilities of their own impact in the world.

Arthur J. Schmitt

  • Born in 1893 in Chicago
  • Built a plane & car in 1910 as a teen-ager
  • Self-schooled engineer

Creator and Founder

The most important element of our Foundation's work is the on-going partnership building with our high school organizations and college and graduate schools, who are dedicated to creating high impact, student leadership programming. For us, nothing is more important than nurturing the compassionate leadership potential that exists within each of our Schmitt Scholars. For more about these partnerships, see "Our Programs."    

About Us

  • Founded Amphenol, now a multi-billion dollar company
  • Created his Foundation in 1941
  • Opened the Fournier Institute of Technology in 1943
Arthur J. Schmitt's thoughts on leadership development
"Thoughtful people everywhere are seeking solutions to the problems...which will be the task of this generation and perhaps several generations to come...[Arthur J. Schmitt] believes that the basic solution rests in sound industrial leadership predicated on ability, knowledge and a sense of moral values...while all men are born free and equal, the solution to man-made problems depends on knowledge, character and enlightened leadership."

From "Fournier Institute of Technology" Forward