Schmitt Scholars are chosen by the programs listed below to honor and develop outstanding high school student leaders. Their scholarships allow them to attend selective private high schools and participate in leadership development  programs that include mentoring and tutoring to challenge their growth as students and as compassionate individuals and leaders in the making.


Schmitt Scholars at these colleges are selected for their outstanding academic performance and their desire to make a difference on their campus and in the world. They receiving tuition scholarships and each campus develops a unique leadership program to challenge Scholars to discover a passion, purpose and project to launche their leadership skills. 


These Centers provide opportunities for leadership development.


Schmitt Scholar graduate students are awarded financial support in pursuit of their PhD. Each graduate program initiates unique ways to further the impact and leadership potential of each Scholars' research work now and in the future.



Below is  short list of suggested leadership texts. Click on Texts for Leadership Programing to get much more.

  • Social Change Model of Leadership Guidebook
  • Exploring Leadership for College Students who want to make a Difference by Susan R. Komives
  • The Leadership Challenge by James M. Kouzes and Barry Z. Posner
  • Emotional Intelligence: A Guide for Students
  • The Power of Servant Leadership by Robert K Greenleaf and Larry C. Spears
  • Interfaith Leadership by Eboo Patel
  • Heroic Leadership by Chris Lowney
  • Quest for Leadership: The Arthur J. Schmitt Story by Arthur J. Schaefer
  • An Odyssey of Reform Initiatives: The Back Story by Frank G. Splitt