Our Program Commitment

High School Programs
Graduate Programs

Daniel Murphy Scholarship Fund, High Sight and LINK Unlimited each select 15-50 Schmitt Scholars each year who receive both tuition support and leadership programming that builds and maximizes potential. 

Undergraduate Programs

Although Schmitt Scholars vary in age, educational background and maturity, they all share three things: 1) a common committment to excel in their current educational setting; 2) a moral, religious and/or spiritual commitment that motivates their service towards others; and 3) a desire to develop their leadership abilities to make a difference in their community. Each year, over 300 students are named, honored and serve as Schmitt Scholars.

Leadership Programming for Students Ready to Make a Difference

Reflecting Arthur J. Schmitt's responsible stewardship to his community and the world, the Foundation commits its resources to supporting students who show both great financial need and great promise to develop personal leadership, to transform negative patterns and problems into solutions, and to achieve success that measurably & positively improves our world.

Benedictine, DePaul, Dominican Lewis, St. Xavier, and University of St. Francis require their chosen Schmitt Scholars to dig deep and discover a problem they are empassioned to solve through creative & impactful projects.

SCHOLAR PROFILES (currently under construction. Thanks for your patience).

Loyola University Chicago, Marquette University and University of Notre Dame challenge their Schmitt Scholars to determine how their PhD research will positively impact the world, and then do something about it.