About our Founder,

Arthur J. Schmitt


Graduate school Schmitt Scholars excel in many different acadmic disciplines. Their commonality is their desire to have their high level academic research make a deep and meaningful difference in their field and the world.


Undergraduate Schmitt Scholars are accomplished students who take on leadership projects to both learn and do. Examples include creating new playgrounds, holding fundraising events, launching educational seminars, to name only a few.     


High School Schmitt Scholars earn scholarships to private Chicago schools, participate in intensive tutoring, college readiness, and leadership/team building to nurture each Scholar's sense of self and identity and one's connection to community. 

Believing that skilled, educated and compassionate leaders will build a better future for all,The Arthur J. Schmitt Foundation supports leadership development programs for selected high school, college and graduate students in the Chicago-land area. Through collaborative partnerships with these grantees, Schmitt Scholars are challenged to embrace the philosophy of our founder,

"figure out a place for yourself in the world, and then do something about it." 

We Believe in:
Motivated and academically talented students
Impactful, meaningful and purpose-focused student leadership programs
Academic partners who believe student leaders will become world leaders  
"The Mindset I've always had is living by choice and not by chance...
It isn't about being seen as a leader but instead being defined as one."  Schmitt Scholar, 2015
Our Schmitt Scholars are:
Academically driven
Passionate and purposeful
Critical thinkers
Curious questioners
Inspirational and imaginative
Bold dreamers, active doers